do it yourself hyroponics
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Do LED grow lights work? This is a question being asked over and over these days on the various growing forums. In this brief video, cucumbers are compared to demonstrate the power of LED grow lights. Granted not everyone is growing cucumbers these days but they illustrate the point.

Two lights, both from Advanced LED lights are put to the test. The first light is a 300 watt Extreme Flower Diamond series. The second light is a 200 watt Extreme Flower Diamond series

The test shows that both lights did an excellent job in producing cucumbers from a growing space just 2 x 2.5 x 4 feet.

There is a lot of discussion going on in regard to the performance of LED grow lights vs HPS grow lights. This is a valid concern due to the considerable difference in cost.

Do LED Grow Lights Work? In a word Yes!

People are having such success with LED grow lights that the more ambitious among them are starting to build their own from scratch. The components are readily available online at reasonable prices. Some say they are doing it for under fifty bucks!

do led grow lights work?I will devote a little time in the near future to create a post with details on do it yourself LED grow lights for anyone interested.

In the meantime check out the related videos posted here for comparisons on LED’s vs other types of grow lights.

Some Advantages of LED Grow Lights

  • Cooler
  • Lower operating costs
  • No ballast required
  • Allow for close tailoring of light spectrum for optimum conditions

There are several manufacturers offering LED grow lights these days. Careful research will allow you to make an informed decision when you are ready to try LED growing. Good prices can be found online and if you are located in Washington or Colorado you may be able to pick up some deals in one of the gazzillion grow shops that are popping up all over.

Drop in and ask them… Do LED grow lights work?

Science stuff about grow lights from Wikipedia

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